Bye Bye Bye

I am merely two days from my departure from this mythical world in which I have whiled away my first academic year of grad school. It’s incredible how 8 months can so completely change someone. I have met so many incredible people during this time. Here are some highlights:

1. Finding a roommate via craig’s list that happens to share my love of Bollywood, baking, “deep” discussions, and messiness (although that may be a problem as we both slip into the depths of disorganization).

2. Going to a church where I’ve found an incredible community complete with some of the most amazing women ever.

3. Learning how to study far longer than I knew was possible.

4. Discovering a coffee shop that makes me feel like a hipster and provide fantastic people-watching.

5. Dog-sat a delightfully simple boxer mix who I will miss dearly as she goes to a new owner.

6. Developed deep relationships with people in a Bible study at my grad school were we dug into the Word and dug out of the pits of stress/frustration caused by school.

7. Learned how to put air in my tires.

8. Embraced an autumnless lifestyle.

9. Got a snowball thrown at my face.

10. Had a snowday for having an inch and a half of snow.

11. Reconnected with family I hardly knew before

12. Developed an appreciation for country music.

13. Found a new love in the white board.

14. Lovefeasts: a hipster’s version of the potluck = AWESOME.

15. Surrogate parent’s are awesome.

16. So are real ones.

17. Connecting with neglected friends is worth the effort. They were in your life before for a reason.

18. Prejudices and pride serves a better place in Jane Austen’s novels than in daily interactions. Along the same lines, witticisms and awkwardness shouldn’t be purposefully sought after. Life provides enough amusement of its own.

19. Always check the left hand.

20. Wear appropriate footwear. Blisters aren’t becoming on anyone.

21. British TV really is better than anything.

22. Netflix is dangerous to one’s academic success.

There’s so much more, but all I can say is: this has been a great year. Sure, it’s hard at time, but meh life wasn’t supposed to be same gruel of good tidings and success. Here’s to life. L’chayim!

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