I have returned to the my homeland, a lovely state nestled in the Midwest. This little metropolis now boasts a Panda Express within walking distance of my home, a chipotle, AND a trader joes. Who knew the Midwest could be cool?

However, despite all the changes I have seen commercially in my hometown, it’s far more surprising to notice how little some things change.

Sure, many of my friends are doing different things, living different places, etc. However, much of the day-to-day hasn’t changed  (as determined by superficially living here for 5 days…).

I suppose at this point I should insert some paragraph about how comforting it is that some things never change. Unfortunately, I am feeling the opposite. This last year has been a blur of studying, complaining about studying, stressing about the consequences of my studying, and feeling guilty about not studying. Despite the lack of any real activity, I feel like a different person. Somewhere in the endless tedium of the never-ending-to-do-list, I met people, incredible people. I thought about things. I argued with God. I reconciled with Him. I questioned long-held beliefs. I reinforced them. I organized and demolished, obsessed and relaxed.  In the midst of that craziness, something happened: I changed.

I like Change. It’s been strange to meet with people who haven’t seen me in a while. To hear them react to the way I speak  (I guess grad school has infiltrated my lexicon) dress (let’s be honest, I’m almost always over-dressed, one of the dangers of having studied to be an opera singer that they never warn you about) and how I think.

In the same way, even the people that seem to have no changed at all have. By remaining the same, it is a change. Each day offers the chance for an individual to redirect their course. By remaining, there is a change. A choice to remain as you are slowly makes any habit, belief, or idea more ingrained.  As those choices pile up, even a person who has chosen not to “change” has changed in that they are more decided in those convictions. Circular, yes, but thankfully none of my professors will be analyzing this argument.

So here’s to change, be it a hair cut, a change of diet (props to all you vegetarians/vegans), or location.

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One Response to Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Kapp says:

    You know you like the haircut.

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