Remembering is hard to do

I forget things.

I forget the feeling of eight glorious hours of sleep after a day of manual labor. Sure, studying is hard work, but there is something special about the rest that comes after a day of scrubbing floors, washing dishes, and moving wood.

I forget the joy of a cool spring morning. I’m not sure a beautiful day can truly be enjoyed without the cold that comes before.

I forget how much I love the color green. I’m currently surrounded by green. In my beautiful little corner of the world, green is not a singular shade. Crayola cannot compete with the multi-faceted color that shimmers through the sunlight on grassy pastures, on trees, or the moss on a fallen log. It’s simply beautiful.

I forget how wonderful it is to be respected, to have your opinion matter. It’s been a while. Grad school has been a fantastic time to learn how much I am wrong (which is a good thing)… coming back home has been a time to rebuild some of the confidence that allows me to be decisive.

I forget how good it is to simply trust, and take a momentary break from questioning everything. Grad school allowed me to openly question everything. To look anew at basic propositions that I had always defended. However, questioning gets tiring. Getting tied up in the minutiae of the tenants of faith leads to frustrating results. Little issues that seem like such a big deal right now are entirely insignificant in the long run. It’s nice to take a breath and know that God is God.

Hopefully, I can remember this.

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