Adventurous Routines

Tomorrow, I begin a new adventure.

I like adventures (in fact, I’m certain that I have written a post or two about that certain interest of mine).

I have a routine when beginning a new adventure. (I realize that’s quite contradictory…routine and adventure and all that). I’m enough of a gypsy that I embark on adventures enough to have it pretty well established. Here is the schedule. (pronounced shed-jewl…. I’ve ODed on British TV again).

1. Obsessively google the region/location of the adventure to know points of interest and a means of transportation.

2. Actively monitor any form of online communication pertaining to the adventure. IE Facebook groups, e-mails, and messages.

3. Discuss every possible catastrophe with numerous individuals to sound out what possible faux pas I may commit in order to hopefully have an escape plan. (This is kinda like a government emergency response plan. It sounds like a useful exercise, but really is just a waste of time and energy that makes you feel more prepared).

4. Watch/read/listen to inspirational stories of people embarking on adventures and succeeding.

5. Shop (typically without need) for the appropriate attire.

6. Prepare to pack. Stare at clothing. Stare at luggage. Pretend to pack. Watch an entire season of a British TV show. 6-7 hours before departure pack.

All of these items are completed. The last task is one of my favorite.

7. Sing “I Have Confidence” from the movie version of the Sound of Music.

With all of these tasks done, I will now head off to sleep, dreaming of the adventure ahead.


P.S. Here’s a link to a fantastic version of I have confidence: I dare you NOT to feel more excited about life after hearing it.

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