Boo Slacktivism!

I have just returned from an incredibly transforming 10 days with the Alliance Defense Fund where I went to my first part of training as a Blackstone Fellow. I spent my days listening to brilliant speakers, discussing (read vigorously debating) with my other Blackstone Fellows, and soaking up the fellowship that can be found in being around other Believers.

There, I realized that I have become a ideological pansy. I had soaked up ideas that were simply not true and excused my lack of actual conviction as being “educated.” An education should expose you to contrary ideas, but education ends when the exposure creates a vacancy of conviction. My convictions were about as strong as a 1L’s self-esteem after being kicked out of class on the first day. In other words, I had become a slacktivist.

I had sheepishly espoused ideas that abortion was bad, religious liberty was good, and that marriage is a good thing, but I didn’t have the chutzpah to do anything about it. Pansy.

Worse, I felt that being a vegetarian (temporarily, of course), buying local, or donating money to random charities satisfied God’s desire for me to be an expression of His love. FALSE.  I’m sick of buying T-shirts to help orphans, retweeting pithy comments about how Jesus called us to action, and talking about how I’ll do something in the future.

I’m doing something now. I’m not sure what exactly the future holds, but I refuse to retreat. I will not settle for mediocrity when it comes to passionately demonstrating Truth. Dietrich Bonhoeffer bemoaned cheap grace, merely accepting salvation without any action. We as a generation have exchanged radical lives for a series of hipster-filled conventions, where we talk about being counter-cultural when all we really do is create a subculture of Tom-wearing, free-trade-coffee-drinking, Christians. These aren’t bad things, in fact they’re pretty incredible. The problem is we stop there. Sure, maybe we’ll volunteer occasioanlly, but these actions are a band-aid on the big issue. We, as a body of Belivers, have become irresponsible. We bemoan the political system as being out of touch and filled with hypocrisy, but we don’t do anything besides tweet about how messed up it is.

It’s time for us to step up and take responsibility.

If we want to really live out the commandments Jesus gave, then we have to make big choices. Big choices that will affect our culture. It won’t just be an underground movement occurring in coffeeshops in the cool part of town, it will be in the city square. It’s time to step up. We have a responsibility. Resist the urge to appease your conscience with a t-shirt made from fair-trade cotton. It’s time we take responsibility.

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One Response to Boo Slacktivism!

  1. Andy Jones says:

    Also, your renewed enthusiasm inspires me, Bri! Keep rocking the summer!

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