Summer Countdown

This is the obligatory, “What I did this summer” blog.

This summer I:

1. Cleaned a python’s cage

2. Re-learned how to do manual labor

3. Got callouses on my hands from manual labor

4. Stayed at a 5-star  hotel

5. Learned how to be comfortable at cocktail parties.

6. Stopped biting my nails

7. Held a Revolutionary War musket

8. Went horseback riding in the desert

9. Went cliff jumping

10. Went on a jeep ride in Sedona

11. Instigated two-stepping and line dancing for 50 people (even though I didn’t know how to do either dance…)

12. Had brilliant conversations with individuals far more intelligent and successful than I could ever hope to be

13. Babysat 3 toddlers and a nine month old

14. Side-hugged a Supreme Court Justice

15. Earned callouses from wearing heels at a reception at the Supreme Court. Marble floor hurt.

16. Went to a contemporary, Calvinist church, followed by a liturgical Baptist church, followed by a Gospel-singing non-denominational church.

17. Ate duck

18. Cleaned of my own accord

19. Ate delicious mac & cheese at a wedding

20. Towed my car to get it rekeyed

21. Flirted my way into a discounted rate on a car repair

22. Went to my first real club

23. Became comfortable with ambition

24. Learned how to make Gin and Tonic

25. Discovered accomplishments aren’t really that exciting, so you better enjoy the journey

26. Learned to use y’all

Hope your summer was fantastic. Hopefully this next year will be just as much of an adventure as the last.

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