Finals always l…

Finals always leads me to blogging. I think it’s because a) I spend more time alone (or at least not interacting with individuals;  b) studying gets monotonous;  c)  I always question my decision to go to law school during finals.


(an example of why I turn to blogs during finals…)

Today is just such an example of such a blog. I’ve been conspicuously absent due to the busiest months I have yet experienced. I’m sure it can get busier. I fervently hope that the next time I am as busy as I was this Fall it’s due to people and not projects… although I’d settle for a mixture of both.

The last couple of weeks have been an adventure in the “what if”. Those two words are haunting. As soon as you start to think of the possibility of well… anything… suddenly the present is less desirable. Whatever the status quo is seems inferior to that change that could be just around the riverbend. 

I generally like change. I’m discovering that it’s not always a good thing and that the “what if”‘s of life should not spoil or rob contentment from the simple pleasure of today. 

So, sit back. Take a second and breathe. No matter how stressed out you may be, this time, this period of life is good. Dreaming/dreading what if’s won’t change the day in front of us. All we can simply do is turn to the One who knows our past, present, and future. There are no “what ifs” for Him, simply what is and what will be. 



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